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Types of Weft Knitting Machines. There are two types of knitting: weft knitting and warp knitting. In the more common weft knitting, the wales are perpendicular to the course of the yarn. In weft knitting, yarn is knitted horizontally and in a circular form. Most of the knitted fabric is produced by weft knitting Knitting machines are mainly two types; they are circular knitting machine and flat bed knitting machine. This two types are hugely use in knitting machine. A knitting machine is composed of lots of parts. Every parts of a machine are important for run the machine smoothly. Every part has a specific function during operation Classification of weft knitting machine According to the frame design & needle bed arrangement : Circular knitting machine. Flat knitting machine 7. Classification of weft knitting machine According to the no. of needle bed. Single jersey circular knitting machine. Double jersey circular knitting machine

Advantages of Circular Knitting Machine • Less load by higher precision • Enhanced quality of plated fabric • Extended needle life • Less friction for each part • Less Maintenance Cost; Different Types of Knitted Fabrics: Depending on how the loops are made; two types of knitting are there: • Weft knitted fabrics • Warp knitted fabrics . 1. Weft knitting II.C.2.a Weft knitting. Weft knit fabrics are produced predominantly on circular knitting machines. The simplest of the two major weft knitting machines is a jersey machine. Generally, the terms circular knit and plain knit refer to jersey goods. The loops are formed by knitting needles and the jersey machine has one set of needles Types of Weft Knitting Machine. The three main groups of weft knitting machinery may broadly be classified as either straight bar frames, flats, or circulars, according to their frame design and needle bed arrangement. They are: Straight bar frames; Flat machines V-bed flat machines, which form by far the largest clas

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single-jersey knitting machine and the double-bed knitting machine is called the double-jersey knitting machine. Weft knitting machines can also be categorized on the basis of the shape of the knitting machine. If the shape of the needle bed is circular, then it is called the circular knitting machine, and if th Knitting machines are classified into the following types: Weft Knitting Machine >Flat Bar Knitting Machine 1. Flat bed 2. V-bed 3. Single bed 4. Unidirectional >Straight Bar Knitting Machine 1. Single needle 2. Double needle >Circular Knitting Machine 1. Revolving Cylinder; Sinker Top or Open Top Single Jersey Knitting Machine 2. Revolving. Circular Knitting Machine: In this machine the needles are implanted on a circular cylinder, which when used creates a seamless tube of fabric, by joining the stiches from the needles. Double Jersey Machine: Double jersey machines have two sets of needles; one on dial and as well as on cylinder. There are no sinkers in double jersey machines Knitted Product is one of the highest demand products in the world. For bulk production, different apparel manufacturing companies produce raw fabric for the final knitted garments by various kinds of knitting machines. Among all other knitting machines widely used machine is a circular knitting machine Knitting machines are mainly two types; they are circular knitting machine and flat bed knitting machine. This two types are hugely use in knitting machine. A knitting machine is composed of lots of parts. Every parts of a machine are important for run the machine smoothly. Every part has a specific function during operation. Different knitting machine parts and their functions are given below: Creel: Creel is called the holder of cone

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Plain knitting machine, process and structure Single jersey weft knitting machine has only one bed which may be flat or circular. Machine has only one bed which may be flat or circular. There is only one set of needles and one cam system in the machine Knitting machines are broadly classified as weft knitting and warp knitting machines. In each of these machine classes - knitting machines are further classified depending on the machines shape and knitting technology. Different types of knitting machines used for making different types of knitted fabrics are listed here. #1.Circular knitting machine (Single Jersey) This machine is to make single jersey fabrics The types of stitch, the stitch length, the gauge, the diameter (number of needles in the machine), the weight of the fabric, and the fabric width must all be considered. There may be other machine parameters that are also of importance that relate to specific needs of the individual knitter. This paper will only relate to circular weft knitting Knitting machines are classified as follows: Weft Knitting Machine. Flat Bar Knitting Machine; Flat Bed; V-Bed; Single Bed; Unidirectional; Straight Bar Knitting Machine; Single Needle; Double Needle; Circular Knitting machine; Revolving Cylinder; Sinker Top or Open Top Single Jersey Knitting Machine; Revolving Cylinder; Cylinder and Dial Double Jersey Knitting Machine; Circular Bearded Singl 1-1-1. Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine 1-1-1-1. Plain Single Jersey 1-1-1-2. 2 Track 4 Track 1-1-1-3. Terry and Fleece 1-1-1-4. Jacquards 1-1-2. Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine 1-1-2-1. Rib knitting machine 1-1-2-2. Interlock knitting machine 1-1-2-3. Pique fabric knitting machine 1-2

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  1. Types of circular knitting machine: Circular Knitting Machine Large diameter circular m/c Small diameter circular m/c Single Jersey (U.K) Double Jersey (U.S.A) Single Double Dialand Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder Single tract Multi tract Circular Rib Circular intrlook Jacquard Non-Jacquard 9
  2. Needles are arranged on the machine in a form of a circle and are knitted in the weft direction. There are four types of circular knitting - Run resistant circular knitting (applications include underwear, swimwear); Tuck stitch circular knit (used for underwear and outerwear); Ribbed circular knit (swimsuits, underwear and men's under shirts); and Double knits and inter lock
  3. Circular Knitting Machine: The circular knitting machine consists three major sections. Yarn supply, knitting elements and fabric take-down. The Fig. 2.3 shows the machine frame, indicating its various parts. The knitting elements such as needles, sinkers, cylinder, cams and feeders are supported at the centre called as knitting zone
  4. antly on circular knitting machines. The simplest of the two major weft knitting machines is a jersey machine. Generally, the terms circular knit and plain knit refer to jersey goods. The loops are formed by knitting needles and the jersey machine has one set of needles

For manufacturing purposes of fabrics and garments, knitting machines are grouped into two: weft knitting and warp knitting machines. Under these two major types, the machines are further subcategorized based on their knitting technology and form. Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Types of knitting There are two types of knitting - Weft knitting - Warp knitting Weft knitting:Weft knitting is a method of fabric forming in which loops are formed in a horizontal way from a single yarn & intermeshing of loops takes place in a circular & flat from on across wise basis. Warp knitting:Warp knitting is a method of fabric. Getting started; Circular Weft Knitting Machine; Circular Weft Knitting Machine - Factory, Suppliers, Manufacturers from China. We usually perform being a tangible workforce making sure that we will give you the most beneficial excellent plus the finest selling price for Circular Weft Knitting Machine, Jean Fabric Made By Circular Knitting Machine, Body Size Circular Knitting Machine, Spare. And in one serial flat type knitting machine is installed. List of the Knitted Fabric Manufacturing Machineries: Weft Knitting Machine-Circular Knitting Machine. Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine. Plain Single Jersey; 2 Track 4 Track; Terry and Fleece; Jacquards; Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine. Rib; Interlock; Pique; Straight Bar Knitting Machine Based on the type, the market is segmented by weft knitting machine (circular knitting machine, flat bar knitting machine, and straight bar knitting machine), and warp knitting machine (tricot knitting machine, raschel knitting machine, and others). Among other types of knitting machines, weft knitting machines acquired promising shares in the.

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  1. 2013 DTG bleaching Broken Draft Circular Knitting Machine Computerized Jacquard Costa Salguero Cotton Knitted Fabrics DTG 2014 DTG 2015 Dyeing Machine Fabrics Fleece handloom indigo fabric INDO INTERTEX 2014 Inter-Rib Circular Knitting Machine IPAP ITMA ASIA + CITME Jacquard Knitting Machine Jersey Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Jersey Knitting Machine knitting industry Knitting Machine mercerized fabric organza fabric Point Draft Polyester Cotton Polyester fiber SACTWU SIMATEX 2014 Single.
  2. Product Categories. Warp Knitting Machine ( 47 ) Tricot Machine ( 7 ) Double Needle Bar Machine ( 18 ) Lace Warp Knitting Machine ( 9 ) Curtain Machine ( 6 ) Terry Warp Knitting Machine ( 7 ) Warping Machine ( 18 ) Split Warping Machine ( 7 ) Spandex Warping Machine ( 6 ) Direct Warping Machine ( 5 ) Spare Parts Of Warp Knitting Machine ( 135
  3. Circular Knitting Machines. If you break the category of machines down even further, you will find that there are different types of circular knitting machines (loops and threads knitting machine)that you can use. A single jersey knit has a bit more of a stretch to the fabric, while a double jersey knit is a bit more taught

About circular knitting machine operations 2 3. Operating circular knitting machines (steps involved) 2 4. There are mainly two types of weft knit machines viz. circular knitting and Flat bed knitting. Creel is a part of a knitting machine A knitting machine is a device used to create knitted fabrics in a semi and fully automated form. (wikipedia.org) Various types of knitting machines are available for making knits fabric or knitting various parts of knitted garments. Knitting machines are broadly classified as weft knitting and warp knitting machines. In each of these machine. Important Parts of Circular Knitting Machine: Creel: Creel is a part of a knitting machine. Hear yarn package are store and ready to feed in the machine. Photo: Creel. VDQ Pulley: It is a very important part of the machine. It controls the quality of the product. Altering the position of the tension pulley changes the G.S.M. of the fabric A knitting machine is a machine which we use to make knitted garments or fabrics. By using a knitting machine, we form loops of yarn and then connect them into different types of knits. Concerning design, purpose, and type of knitting needles used, machines utilised for making knitted fabrics can be of different types Circular open top machine is a type of circular weft knitting machine. It is mainly used to knit single jersey. It is called as circular open top machine because of many triangle looping systems. Circular open top machine adopts latch needle, having high production efficiency. Weaving structure of circular open top machine is equipped with sinkers

circular knitting machine M-1200. fully-automatic computerized industrial. circular knitting machine. M-1200. Working width: 0 mm - 2,500 mm. Our M-1200 quilting machine has the ability of straight sewing and jump pattern quilting with 1200 rpm production speed even with the thickest materials Knitting Machine Parts & Accessories, Best Price on Knitting Machine Parts, Knitting Machine Parts - Sponge Bars, Rat Tail Brushes, Carriage parts, Needle Presser Bars, Punch Cards, Tools and Tool Sets, Cast on Combs, Claw Weights, Knitting Machine Needles, Wool Winders, Yarn Winders,Yarn Ball Winders, Yarn Transfer Tools, Knitting Machine Tools, Ribber Transfer Tools, Ribber parts & Needles. We have been successfully developing and producing high-performance circular knitting machines in Germany for our international customer base for over 140 years

In this study we have done study on knit fabric faults and their causes. In Textile industry faults are frequently occurred and stitch length has a direct effect on these faults. For changing the stitch length at same count at three same diametric double jersey knitting machine on same Rib structure we found the effect of stitch length on common Knit fabric faults In circular knitting machines, needles arranged in a circle produce continuous tubular fabrics. In double jersey machines, needles are installed both in the cylinder and in the dial, while single jersey machines use needles and sinkers. In bodysize machines, for example, this allows T-shirts to be produced without lateral seams The needle bar machines incorporate needles which move simultaneously, since they are all fixed to the same bar; we distinguish full-fashioned knitting machines and circular loop-wheel machines for the production of weft knit fabrics, which only use spring-beard needles, and warp knitting machines which use spring-beard needles, latch needles and compound needles Domestic knitting machines use the weft knitting method which produces the material same as hand knitting. Knitting machines work on entire raw of loops in a single movement. There are various types of knitting machine which includes circular knitting machine, pilotelli machine, warp knitting machine and some of the others

?French system? circular knitting machine with needles arranged in the needle ring in a horizontal line for the production of single-face (RL) tubular weft knitted fabrics, by which, outside the machine frame, the jack sinkers are diadrected in a movable way in one or more sinker wheels forming loops on the needle *Used for producing full width weft insertion chopped mat and composite fabric Application Case Description No.of product layer: can realize automatic multi - layer multi-angle weft spread. 3 sets independent weft insertion servo control, which can realize - 30° to 30° + at any Angle between the weft spread Weft blend knitted fabrics are produced predominantly on circular knitting machines. The simplest of the two major weft knitting machines is a jersey machine. Generally, the terms circular knit and plain knit refer to jersey goods. The loops are formed by knitting needles and the jersey machine has one set of needles. Typical fabrics are. A knitting machine with needles and yarn feeds organized in a circle for knitting fabrics, hosiery, sweaters, and underwear.A knitting machine is used to make knitted fabrics. The device carries and coordinates the movement of a number of mechanisms and gadgets each performing specific characteristic which contributes towards the efficiency of the knitting action.In this article i will discuss. Generally, weft knitted fabrics are used to weave sweaters and socks, tricot fabrics are used to make underwear, the manual fabrics also belong to the weft knitted fabrics. If the knitting machine applied method of weft knitting, then the yarns are doing laterally reciprocating or circular motion from one side to the other side of the machine.

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A study of the mechanics of the single jersey weft knitting process is initiated with experiments designed on two different small diameter, circular bed machines A knitting machine is a device used to create knitted fabrics in a semi or fully automated fashion.. There are numerous types of knitting machines, ranging from simple spool or board templates with no moving parts to highly complex mechanisms controlled by electronics Knitting Machine - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. types of knitting machine and their parts About Shishi Zhenfu Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd.. Shishi Zhenfu Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the top Manufacturer supplying Industrial Plants, Machinery & Equipment and many more China single jersey knitting machine,double jersey knitting machine,open width knitting machine,small din knitting machine,velvet shearing knitting machine products

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  1. Seamless circular knitting machines are different from the seamless flat knitting machines. By using the seamless circular machines, we can create only a single tubular type of garment whereas when we use the seamless flat knitting machines, we produce more than one tube which we have to join together on a machine. The complete or single.
  2. Most types of yarn work with these machines.. needle circular knitting machines help avoid any dropped stitches and ensure that the eventual product looks perfectly finished.. needle circular knitting machines are great for professionals and industries, as well as casual users looking to take up a new hobby or add flair to their knitting
  3. The machines used for the manufacturing of knit fabrics can be divided into machines with individually driven needles and needle bar machines. The former type of machine incorporates needles which are moved individually by cams acting on the needle butt; they are used for producing weft knits and are subdivided into circular knitting machines.
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  5. The machine is equipped with latch needles, movable contra-sinkers to make use of the contra or relative technique taken from the circular knitting sector, and loop-pressers
  6. Accessories for machine knitting include machine needles, yarn, and patterns. What types of knitting machines are available? Knitting machines generally fall into two main categories: weft and warp. Weft machines produce fabric that is close to the type of fabric created by hand knitters
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  2. Warner Textile Machinery Ltd is a family run company established in the 60's. Specialising in machinery for the circular knitting industry. Our knowledge of used machinery from all manufacturers is considerable and we have many contacts in all parts of the world
  3. Type of needle used • By using latch needle 1. Circular knitting 2. Flat bed knitting • By using spring bearded needle 1. Circular knitting 2. Straight bar knitting 4. KNITTING ELEMENTS A knitting machine is an equipment for converting yarn into knitted loop structures by means of mechanical moving parts either manual or power operated
  4. Warp knitting is a family of knitting methods in which the yarn zigzags along the length of the fabric; i.e., following adjacent columns, or wales, of knitting, rather than a single row, or course.For comparison, knitting across the width of the fabric is called weft knitting. Since warp knitting requires that the number of separate strands of yarn, or ends, equals the number of stitches in a.
  5. g level, and knitting, tucking and welt-guarding cams movable between extended operative.
  6. The former type of machine incorporates needles which are moved individually by cams acting. on the needle butt; they are used for producing weft knits and are subdivided into circular. knitting machines and flat-bed knitting machines. first and the last needle while in circular knitting machines the operating width is the needle-bed
  7. Study on four truck circular knitting machine. Introduction: Most single-jersey fabric is produced on circular machines whose latch needle cylinder and sinker ring revolve through the stationary knitting cam systems that, together with their yarn feeders, are situated at regular intervals around the circumference of the cylinder

The loom is known by many names. They include powerlooms, semi-automatic looms, automatic looms, pneumatic or air jet looms, water jet looms, and so on. They produce fabrics which are essentially interlaced in both horizontally and vertically, in. View reliable Knitting Machine manufacturers on Made-in-China.com. This category presents Embroidery Machine, Circular Knitting Machine, from China Knitting Machine suppliers to global buyers Machine characteristics Flat weft knitting machine made by UNIVERSAL COMPAUY in Germany with needle gauge of 12/inch and racking 9 needles and two knitting device was prepared for experimental works. The feeding system was negative. The knitting devices had 4 length cams and 2 knit cams totally 12 cams in each side

This type of knitting can be done by hand or using weft knitting machines. The properties and structure of the fabric differ based on whether warp or weft knitting is used in it. Warp knitting results in flat or open width forms, while weft knitting results in tubular fabric pieces. Warp knitting secures the loop structure and is resistant to runs Nov 18, 2019 - Explore alora.nyc's board weft and warp knitting on Pinterest. See more ideas about knitting, wefts, machine knitting

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The team combined two types of fibers into one hybrid yarn, and used a circular knitting machine to fashion it into an artery replacement. Borgstena invests in flat knitting for 3D mesh concepts With the technical capability to produce woven, circular knit, warp knit of weft knit machines, for the development of new 3D mesh concepts,. The knitting machines used for the experiments were: a sample making circular weft knitting machine with one positive feeding system, one cam, 168 needles and sinkers, 3.75 diameter cylinder, with speeds up to 200 rpm; and one industrial weft circular knitting machine with 36 positive feeding systems, 36 cams, 756 needles an Knitted fabrics are divided into two main groups, weft and warp knitted fabrics [3]. Weft knitted fabrics can be produced in circular or flat knitting machine. The primary knitting elements are needle, cam and sinker. With the variation of the elements different characteristics of fabrics can be produced Composition Of Knitting Circular Machine Aug 05, 2018. The knitting circular machine is composed of a frame, a yarn feeding mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a lubricating dust removal (cleaning) mechanism, an electric control mechanism, a pulling and winding mechanism and other auxiliary devices

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Flat Bed Knitting Machine produces flat pieces. Most common knitting machine for hobbiests and boutique producers. Garments produced from a flat bed knitting machine normally have side seams. ; It is not possible to knit in the round on a flat bed knitting machine. Flat bed knitting machines cannot work purl stitches or garter stitch automatically This document covers the different types of weaving and knitting machines defined in ISO 5247 (all parts) [2] and ISO 7839 [3], respectively. narrow fabric weaving machines with weft insertion by shuttles or needles; other fabric manufacturing machines e.g.: stitch bonding machines. NOTE Because of the high requirements on measurement. Warp knitting machines and weft knitting machines ( flat and circular). Warp knitting machines are used to produce underwear, lace and swimsuits. We concentrated a bit more on flat and circular machines (that we will have chance to see in knitting lab next week) mentioning that circular machines are very fast and used for making socks, sweater. A circular weaving machine also is controlled electronically. It has two or more shuttles moving simultaneously in a circle to weave the weft threads in a section of the warp thread at a time. This type of machine is used with thicker yarn and materials and can be used to weave cotton. Handbags and heavy drapery usually are woven using circular. China Knitting Machine and Parts catalog of Full Computerized High Quality Glove Dipping Machine / Glove Knitting Machine China Knitted Mitten Glove Manufacturing Machine Knitted Nylon Liner Coated, Gloves Making Machinery Machine for Knitting Gloves Knitting Glove Machine Advanced 7g/10g/13G/15g Knitted Nylon Liner Coated Latex Gloves Dipping Machine provided by China manufacturer - Qingdao.

Purpose This unit standard is for mechanics of all types of weft-knitting machines that use latch or compound needles. People credited with this unit standard are able to: identify and describe the critical positions in the knitting cycle of the latch needles; identify and describe the alterations made to the camming for tucking and miss-knitting Knitting machinery There are two kinds of knitting machinery, i.e. weft knitting machines of two types circular and rectangular and wrap knitting machines. In other words, it can be said that types of machinery differ according to the type of fabrics produced by each machine. In the present study, weft rectangular knitting machine is used Double Knit. A type of weft knit fabric structure in which two sets of needles are used on either a circular or a flat-bed machine to produce fine rib structures on both sides of the fabric. The fabric produced is a double layered in nature and since the face and the reverse sides are identical, the fabric is reversible The brand STOLL as a part of the Karl Mayer Group is a leader in flat-knitting machine technology. We offer innovative tools and services for the knitting of tomorrow. Founded over 145 years ago, we have now a strong reputation for providing highly sophisticated knitting solutions and as an independent thinker and developer in the section of.

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Goang Lih Machinery, was established in 1979, has been in business more than 30 years. Goang Lih machinery believes in Effective Designing, Quality, Control, Consistent Know-How, and Satisfactory Services to all business activities. Experience is the Key to satisfy all our clients for their customized Knitting Machine , The Design and Dynamics of Non-linear Cams for Use in High Speed Weft Knitting Machines, Part III: The Analysis of Knitting Yarn Tension with Non-linear Cam and Positive Feed, J. Textile Inst. 69, 176-179 (1978) Hanma company is a professional circular knitting machine factory. We are manufacturing circular knitting machines for 17 years, our products have high stability, high speed, and easy operation. We have to sell all over the world Weft knitting (fully fashioned, flat-bed and circular knitting) involves a single row (course) knitted horizontally, across the width of the fabric. Unlike fully fashioned or flatbed knitting where only a single cone of yarn is needed, in warp knitting many cones of yarns are required. As a result warp knitting is more suitable for large lot sizes

The garments are assembled by seaming machines, often of a specialist nature, and trims are added where appropriate. The fabric for this process is invariably knitted on circular knitting machines. Such machines come in a wide range of types but are mostly classified under two headings: (1) single jersey or plain web machine In the knitting machine manufacturing and supplying industry, you will see that there are many Hose knitting machine supplier in Ethiopia , South Africa and other places of the world also. Well, knitting of this type of machine is done over the inner lining. This type of machine is used for Cotton or Rayon yarn

Needles, sinkers, cams, lubrication systems being the most important work elements for knitting machines, suffer permanent improvements to better satisfy the work conditions and the functions they must answer, resulting in a higher quality of the knitted fabrics, the reduce of the production costs, the increase of the machine productivity, by. Weft knitted fabric can be produced on a number of different types of knitting machines. Circular or flat bar machines using a latch needle can produce both fabrics and knitting garments. Straight bar or circular machines using a bearded needle can produce shaped knitwear · Explain different types of knitted fabric like plain, rib and interlock. · Describe different feature of various weft knitting machine Calculate the production and its efficiency of each section. Student's Difference between flat bed and circular knitting machine. Warp knitting and weft knitting. Warp knitting and weft knitting Knitting: Offering good quality used and new warp knitting, technical textiles, circular knitting, flat knitting, socks knitting, warping machines,warp beams and spare parts Fabric dyeing and finishing: Offering state-of-the-art raising, shearing, brushing, polishing, sueding, tubular stenter and spare parts Company Vide The second part of the book examines the major advances in knitting, such as intelligent yarn delivery systems in weft knitting, knitted fabric composites and advances in circular knitting. The concluding section of the book presents a selection of case studies where advanced knitted products are used

Knitting Basics. There are two broad categories of knit textiles: weft and warp. Weft knits are made by feeding yarn to all needles horizontally to construct a course. Weft knits can be produced on either a circular knit machine or a flat bed machine. In warp knitting, one yarn is used for each knitting needle Domestic knitting machines use the weft knitting method which produces a fabric similar to hand knitting. Knitting proceeds more quickly than in hand knitting, where (usually two) straight needles are held in the hand and each stitch is manipulated individually across the row. Knitting machines work an entire row of loops in a single movement Working Principle Of Knitted Socks Machine Jun 15, 2018. There are many kinds of hosiery machines. According to the classification of needle, they can be divided into two types: single needle socks machine and double needle hosiery machine Supply Type Manufacturer, Exporters, Suppliers; We are instrumental in offering our clients with Knitting Machine Needle that are widely demanded by textile industry. All our products are procured from the reliable and certified vendors of the market, who make these using high-grade raw materia Brief introduction: 1, Application. this sery of loop cut plush machine is wool yarn feeding cutting -off type knitting plush round machine, and the lopp cut plush weave by this machine has two kinds, namely, plain color and jacquard, there are many doffing type such as cloth grabbing and batching, easy in change of weaving technology, with complete functions, bright in color of fabric.

In knits either it is warp knits or weft knits. (In woven it's the combination of warp and weft) People in India called Hosiery. it's wrong as Hosiery means hose ( pipe) when anyone says Hosiery it means socks, slacks, vest ( without side seam) Weft knitting is also known as circular knits In knitting , we normally ask in which gauge this. A knitting machine is an instrument used to produce knitted fabrics either completely or semi-automated way. There are several types of knitting machines available in the market, ranging from standard spool or board models with only a few moving parts, to sophisticated mechanisms controlled by electronic components

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Circular knitting machine 1. Presentation on: Circular knitting M/C Prepared By: Tanvir Ahammed Rana Id. 2012000400038 19th Batch, Textile Department. SouthEast University. 2. Introduction Due to the ever increasing demand for quality products a high quality standard is important for the circular weft knitting industry

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